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TXWRA is an active advocate for water recycling and conservation. Posted below are links to a few articles from this year featuring the Association and/or its industry-leading members. Read and share.


Disposal wells' link to OK earthquake scrutinized

Water rights in spotlight with Texas' growth

Viewpoint: Media mistakenly links earthquakes, fracking

Oklahoma earthquake triggers closing of fracking waste disposal wells

Lawmaker wants to curb industry liability for busting pipes

Fracking caused Texas earthquakes, according to space-based radar

States' efforts to curb fracking-related earthquakes appear to be paying off

GE wastewater treatment enables oil refinery to reuse 100% of water

Wastewater systems recovery market - tech developments and key trends

EPA: North Texas quakes likely linked to oil and gas drilling

Water and wastewater treatment options receive boost from heavy shale contaminant extraction

What happens to the US Midwest when the water's gone?

Lawmakers push back on RRC overhaul proposals

Water from oil production is perfectly safe

Water and wastewater treatment receive boosts from heavy shale extraction contaminants

Eric's DWP: $93M of taxpayer money down the drain

New regs aim to make water recycling easier

Wastewater recovery systems technological developments and trends

Can states stop manmade earthquakes?

Exploring Tarrant County's thirst for water

Evidence of unconventional O&G wastewater found in surface ground near UI site

Surprising way climate change is impacting water

San Antonio's water recycling center is a natural wonder

Spain's citrus sector starts water recycling trial

More than 180M gallons of water saved using innovative program

Fracking water treatment equipment: is centralized wastewater treatment a future trend?

Treat, recycle waste water, or be ready to pay

Regional Investments to Provide Regulatory Relief

How Texas plans to not run out of water

Global market for fracking water treatment equipment driven by oil field demand

Options for helping OK alleviate emerging oilfield water crisis

Global water reuse and recycle market expanding

Water recycling and the significance of re-usable 'waste' water

UT Study: Oil and gas activity may be cause of East Texas quakes

Water reuse gains momentum in U.S. amid drought, water scarcity

Water reuse and reclamation projects in CA get $30M boost from Interior Dept.

CO tapping dirty water to extend life of the pure stuff

Enhancing sustainability by waste water recycling

Expert: Permian to be at forefront of water recycling development

North American Shale Oil & Gas Water and Wastewater Treatment Market

Water Shortages May Cut Short US Energy Revolution. What's Needed?

Fountain Quail Water Management Secures Private Equity Commitment

As rig counts decrease, wastewater floods the industry

Work Underway on Water Treatment Project for San Andres Oil, Gas Wells

Bureau of Reclamation Announces Plans to Invest $23M in Water Reuse and Efficiency

Pennsylvania Fracking Water Contamination Much Higher Than Reported

Researchers experiment with oilfield wastewater to irrigate crops


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