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Interim Charges Released by Texas Senate


Legislators spend the "off season" investigating topics that arose during the regular session but which time didn't permit them to explore fully.


Both the House and Senate's interim charges have been released.


Read the Senate interim charges here and here.


Read the House interim charges here.


Water Recycling & Conservation Policy and Advocacy


TXWRA is the strongest voice for the water recycling industry at the Capitol, working with legislators, regulators, and professional colleagues on a framework of incentives, not mandates, to motivate companies to capture, recycle,  and reuse water when appropriate, ensuring water recycling is recognized as an important component of statewide conservation efforts.


Legislature Adjourns Sine Die


After 140 mostly productive days, the 84th regular session of the Texas Legislature concluded to start last summer. Numerous House members have announced their intention to retire or resign, including the Chairman of House Natural Resources, Jim Keffer. Senator Troy Fraser, who chaired Senate Natural Resources and Economic Development, has also announced his retirement. Conventional wisdom says more will likely follow.


This session was both more and less productive that the last: more bills were filed, but the Senate passed 29% fewer measures. Not including resolutions and amendments, 6,726 bills were proposed. TXWRA Board member and General Counsel Ben Sebree prepared a summary of bills pertinent to TXWRA, which you can access here.

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