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TXWRA travels and speaks extensively, advocating for water recycling and conservation. Posted below are links to a few articles from this year featuring the Association or its industry-leading members. Read and share.


Hope For Our Water Woes Found in Fracing Technologies

Denver drills seeking aquifer space to store water for droughts

Innovative Demo Hub Launched for Reclaiming and Reusing Texas' 6bbls Discharged Water

Can Produced Water Treatment Strategies Really Lead to Reduced Operating Costs?

CA Seeks to Build World's Largest Recycled Water Programs

Water Recycle and Reuse Market to be Driven by Ag, Irrigation, & Industrial

This New Technology Treats Manure So Well You Can Drink It

Oilsands Industry Reports Advances in Water Management

Are Regulatory Delays Exacerbating Drought Conditions?

Briny Business: Legal Changes Could Make Produced Water Valuable

Omni Water Solutions and Rain for Rent Partner for O&G Site Water Treatment

Nuclear Plant Cooling Water Debate Heating Up

Unintended Consequences of Conserving Water

Water Treatment Chemicals Demand to Reach $7.5B by 2019

Oklahoma Acts to Limit Earthquake Risk at Oil and Gas Wells

Oklahoma Broadens Oil, Gas Drilling Regulations to Stem Quakes

Making Treating, Recycling Fracking Water More Economical

Halliburton Inks MOU with BlackRock

Texas Should Recycle Their Oilfield Water

EPA Seeks to Tighten Fracturing Wastewater Options

What Should Texas Do About Integrated Water-Energy Policy Decisions?

Why Big Data is Key to Maximizing Water Conservation's Impact

Water for Shale Oil and Gas: Can it be Managed More Sustainably?

Regulatory Thread Connects Quakes, Frac(k)s, and Feds

Water Recycling Costs Coming Down in South Texas

Long Awaited EPA Study Confirms Fracking Doesn't Contaminate Water

Shale Boom Shifts Into High Gear

Global Population Growth Threatens to Outstrip Fresh Water Supply

As Drilling Slows, Lawmakers Turn Away

Permian Basin Drillers Lead the Way in Water Recycling Push

GE Unveils White Paper on Reuse Policy Options

Water-Energy Crisis: Reduction, Recycling & Recovery Key to Resolution

Wastewater Disposal Solution Eludes Shale Gas Industry

Southwestern Energy Bucks Trend with Budget Hike

Austin Frac Technology Leader Secures Additional Funding

Purestream Services Launches Treatment and Reuse Project in Permian Basin

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